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First let me say, "It is a pleasure to welcome you to On-site Alarm Screens."

It is a startling fact that at least one residential break-in occurs in the United States every 14 seconds.  
The majority of these intruders enter through open and unprotected windows.  However, there is a proven, 
dependable security device that has been used in millions of windows to deter and detect these break-ins, 
even if the window is open.  Its called a SECURITY SCREEN.
At On-site Alarm Screens our primary goal is to create a superior,
high quality product that will help provide our customers with the 
safety and security to which they are entitled for their businesses, 
their homes and their loved ones.

In the pursuit of this goal, On-site Alarm Screens has combined the 
latest technology and materials with our innovative approach to
manufacturing, which is to build the alarm screens right on the job
site while the security system is actually being installed.  By doing 
this we eliminate unnecessary callbacks and provide a superior
product that is delivered on time.