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The concept of a security screen is really quite simple. Your existing frame, or new custom made frame, is screened with special alarm mesh which has interwoven detection wires every four inches.

In addition, a magnetic reed switch tamper and plug connector are added to the screen frame.(see alarm screen schematic) These components are internally wired together within the screen frame to form a protective grid which is plugged into your alarm system.

When your alarm system is turned off the security screen can be easily removed to allow normal window and screen cleaning. When the system is on, if any detection wire is cut, or any attempt is made to unplug, or remove the security screen, it will immediately activate your alarm.

Security screens offer burglar protection with the windows open or closed and do not interfere with popular window treatments. Windows can be opened or closed even while the alarm system is armed. Unlike motion detectors, security screens allow unrestricted movement by you and your pets throughout your entire home.

Frames are available is color combinations of dark brown, white, gray and silver. Alarm mesh is available in charcoal.

On-Site Alarm Screens does not deal directly with the public.

Due to the complex nature of alarm system installation, and for compliance with state and local regulatons, our services are available only through Licensed Alarm Companies.
Homeowners who are looking for a licensed alarm company can use this link for a list of California alarm companies by region.

Licensed Alarm Companies should contact On-Site to coordinate an alarm screen installation. Alarm Companies can click on this link for the faxable order form. Once this form is printed, filled out completely and faxed to On-Site at (209) 832-7885, we will contact the alarm company to schedule the installation.